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Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy - by Distance

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UPDATE AS OF 30/01/2020

The practical component of this course is not run in Australia anymore. The only option currently is to do the course online and contact the Southcoast Hydrotherapy School to do the intensive practical training as a block (generally one week) in the UK. Thanks for your understanding.

This formal qualification promotes the safe administration of hydrotherapy by teaching practical skills and providing rigorous theory to help learners to understand the benefits of hydrotherapy for small animals with a number of conditions. It aims to provide an extended core of knowledge and skills to enable those successfully completing the qualification to safely work in hydrotherapy and/or set up their own hydrotherapy centre.

Note: Learners who have already successfully completed the Level 3 Certificate only need to complete Module 4. Price listed is for all modules. Please contact us if you only require Module 4.

The Verwood Hydrotherapy Centre (a part of the Springbok Veterinary Group - UK) and Animal Rehabilitation Australia (together with DogSwim Canberra) deliver the course jointly. The Verwood Hydrotherapy School is accredited to deliver the course, which is nationally regulated by ABC Awards (UK) and in the UK forms the core requirement for membership to the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA) and the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (NARCH).

As international graduates, membership for insurance coverage and recognition can be obtained with the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) once completed.  

The course consists of twelve mandatory units comprising of four Modules.

Module 1

  1. Introduction to hydrotherapy for small animals - an introduction to the equipment, techniques, benefits, risks and current legislation
  2. Anatomy and physiology for small animal hydrotherapy - skeletal structures, soft tissues, organs
  3. Professional practice and multi-disciplinary team working for hydrotherapists - the team approach, reflective practice

Module 2

  1. Management of common orthopaedic and neurological conditions in hydrotherapy for small animals - a description of the common orthopaedic and neurological conditions which are referred for hydrotherapy, the impact of the treatment, correct procedures
  2. Management of medical conditions in hydrotherapy for small animals - a description of the common medical conditions which are referred for hydrotherapy and the impact of treatment
  3. Assessing and checking an animals suitability for hydrotherapy treatment - the referral process, suitability and unsuitability
  4. The principles of small animal hydrotherapy - techniques and approaches

 Module 3

  1. Small animal first aid for hydrotherapists - how to recognise and deal with any possible emergencies
  2. Water management for small animal hydrotherapy - equipment,plant, chemistry and treatments
  3. Administering hydrotherapy treatment to small animals - how to prepare animals and the environment for hydrotherapy, pre- and post- treatment care, communication with other professionals and documentation, putting it all into practice.

Module 4

  1. Hydrotherapy treadmill therapy for small animals – equipment and principles of treadmill therapy, preparation and positioning, suitable ad unsuitable conditions and monitoring
  2. Disorders of the canine stifle joint for hydrotherapists – disorders of the stifle joint, surgical procedures and treatment
  3. Canine elbow and hip dysplasia for hydrotherapists – anatomy, surgical procedures and treatment
  4. Canine behaviour for small animal hydrotherapy – normal and abnormal behaviour, learning theory and its relation to hydrotherapy

    Delivery - Distance learning

    The unit workbooks are sent by module and completed in your own time with close tutorial assistance.

    Once Module 1 of the theory has been satisfactorily completed an intense practical period of 40 hours will be undertaken (mutually agreeable dates will be arranged) to provide the experience and assessments required (either in Australia with DogSwim Canberra or the UK with the school). 

    Class sizes - To provide the maximum amount of practical hands-on experience the class numbers are limited to ONE per course. This means that each student has at least the required 40 hours practical experience.

    Eligibility Requirements  - Ideally prospective students will have a minimum of high school level but each candidate will be assessed on their own merit. This course will suit committed students who have good people skills, animal handling experience and who wish to further their career in the field.

    Job Prospects (Own business or paid employment) - The course will help the successful student further their career (or start their own business!) as a hydrotherapist and is an ideal adjunct to those already employed in animal care aged 19+ e.g. veterinary nurses, animal carers, groomers etc.

    Tutors - the course tutors are all professionals still currently working within their fields of expertise, with many years experience and relevant qualifications at high levels. These fields include veterinary medicine, education, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, behavioural modification and training, pool management.

    Payment Plan - In addition to full upfront payment we also offer pay-per-module plans in four instalments. Please contact us for this arrangement.

    Process - Upon confirmation of interest you will receive an application form to complete and return along with payment invoice. A full schedule, student handbook and portfolio will subsequently be sent.

    Click here to view the full qualification guide. Please feel free to contact us for more details.



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