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Equine Kinesiology Taping Course - Online Certification

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This course was developed to teach equine professionals and owners how to apply kinesiology tape to horses.  

This course goes over the background of kinesiology tape, explains in detail how it works and demonstrates numerous applications to decrease pain, support specific muscles and joints, decrease inflammation, increase proprioception and increase energy flow through specific meridians.  Equine professionals are eligible for certification through the certification course.


  • Introduction to Kinesiology Tape
  • How Kinesiology Tape Works
  • Basic Equestrian Applications (for the rider)
  • Equine Applications (Pain Reduction, Support, Inflammation Reduction, Increased Proprioception, Meridian Tapings)
  • Soft Tissue Release (Gua Sha massage and Core Muscle Stim)

What you will receive with registration in non-certification or certification course:
-Digital Manual to Download
-Continuous access to on-line course (no deadlines and course remains available after completion)
-Access to Equine Kinesiology Tape Practitioners FB page (post questions, case studies and experiences for feedback from Dr. Barbara and other practitioners around the world)
-Lifetime discounts (up to 40%) with RockTape (US, Canadian, UK, Australian and New Zealand residents)
-Discounted RockTape starter kits (currently for US and Canadian residents only)
-Ongoing support from Dr. Barbara (Dr. Barbara makes herself available through e-mail 24/7 and responds as quickly as possible to any questions you may have)



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