Equine PEMF Therapy Back Blanket - Animal Rehabilitation Australia
Equine PEMF Therapy Back Blanket - Animal Rehabilitation Australia
Equine PEMF Therapy Back Blanket - Animal Rehabilitation Australia
Equine PEMF Therapy Back Blanket - Animal Rehabilitation Australia

Equine PEMF Therapy Back Blanket

Animal Rehabilitation Australia
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Oxford Medical Instruments Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Blanket

The OMI PEMF Therapy Horse Blanket is used for professional or home use.

  • What are the primary uses? A PEMF Therapy blanket is used for assistance with a wide variety of health concerns. Some of the most common include: Pain Relief, Better Rest, Stress Relief, Reduced Inflammation and increased Circulation.  Suited for all tissue types including muscles, ligaments and tendons to promote healthy joint function and optimize biomechanical efficiency. PEMF Blanket is recommended for:
    • Muscle strain and soreness
    • Exercise-induced pain
    • Saddle sore
    • Facet joint pain
  • What part of the horse is it used for? The OMI PEMF Therapy Horse Blanket is designed for use on the back area. 
  • How big is it? It measures 46 inches long and 29 inches across in the center. 
  • How strong is the pulse? The OMI PEMF Therapy horse blanket provides a field strength between 20 and 66 Microtesla depending on the frequency being used. 
  • What waveform does it have? The OMI PEMF Therapy Horse Blanket uses a square wave.

Package Contains

  • Applicator: Blanket Type
  • Control Unit
  • Power Supply: AC Adapter
  • User Manual

Gross Weight: 5.3 lb (2.4 kg)

Technical Specification

Coil Type:

8 pcs copper induction coils

Power Supply:

AC adapter


2-Year Warranty


PU leather, sponge


P1*, P2**, P3***


1-99 Hz

*P1: frequency gradually increases from 3 Hz to 38 Hz and then drops back

**P2: frequency continually and randomly changes between 1-99 Hz

***P3: you can decide on the level of frequency yourself


Whether your horse is a cherished pet or the winning show horse, they deserve the very best therapy available in the equine industry. Give your horse the natural, gentle therapy it needs for optimal performance and better overall health.

Why is PEMF therapy so effective for horses?

Did you know that PEMF therapy has been a well-respected method of therapy in the equine community for many years? PEMF therapy was first introduced into the United States when it was used to heal broken legs in racehorses. It was in 1979 that the FDA approved PEMF therapy for the treatment of nonunion fractures, failed fusions, and congenital pseudarthrosis in humans.

Horses face unique challenges that other pets do not. This is why PEMF therapy has become a popular and well-respected method of healing for more than a decade. This therapy promotes relaxation prior to daily exercising and competition. Additionally, PEMF therapy encourages better overall health, increased tensile strength (tendons), reduces anxiety during transport, and promotes quicker recovery from injury. 

What common injuries have been successfully treated with PEMF therapy?

  • Desmitis (Inflammation of the ligaments)
  • Suspensory ligament injuries
  • DDFT Damage (Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Damage)
  • Bone Bruise
  • Inflamed Joints
  • Sore Muscles

Keeping your horse well and agile is a daily commitment

One of the best things you can do for your horse is PEMF therapy. This therapy is the key to achieving optimal performance and wellness in equestrian sports and is noted for:

  • Improved rehabilitation for horses after injury
  • Improved muscle recovery after racing or overuse of the muscles
  • Relaxation during travel/transport without the use of drugs
  • Reducing recovery time post injury or post-operative 
  • Enhanced sense of well-being prior to performance
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