PEMF Therapy PulsePad - Animal Rehabilitation Australia
PEMF Therapy PulsePad - Animal Rehabilitation Australia

PEMF Therapy PulsePad

Oxford Medical Instruments
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The OMI PulsePad is a portable PEMF Therapy Device to increase vitality and energy. Easy to use - no training required. 

This is a compact version of our other OMI PEMF applicators - the same technology. It is a battery-powered pulsed electromagnetic device that emits continuous 8Hz output signal. Comes with an operation unit and works with 4 pcs standard or rechargeable AAA batteries. Magnetic field intensity measured on the surface of the device: 190 microtesla. Waveform: sinus.
Size: 18 cm x 27 cm


The product provides electromagnetic massage on the targeted area. The pulsing magnetic field promotes the body’s own regeneration processes and helps to improve your physical and mental well-being,  to increase energy and vitality, to have a better general mood.


Easy to carry, for both professional and home use. Completely safe, not painful to use, and there are no known side-effects.

Instructions for use

The use of the product is very easy, just push the ON/OFF switch to turn on the device, and then place it onto the desired area you wish to treat.

How it works

Pulsed electromagnetic fields produced by the device induce electrical current inside the body that helps to restore the blocked ion flow and stimulates the body’s own regeneration processes.
As a result of using the device the body attains a higher energy level, the fatigue is alleviated, helping to achieve improved well-being of the treated area.

Package contains

Pulsed electromagnetic device, operating unit, user manual.

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