Our 5W laser therapy unit is our most popular model and what we believe is one of the most diverse and best value-for-money laser therapy units on the market today!

This laser unit is a powerful 5 watt unit which carries and treats simultaneously with two wavelengths, rather than the single wavelength found on most laser units today. Both wavelengths work together in what is called the Multi-Wavelength Laser System (MLS). With MLS, multiple conditions can be treated at once. The two wavelengths are 650nm and 808nm, see wavelength treatments below:

650nm Wave: Recommended for lighter treatment such as skin inflammation, minor wounds and injuries.

808nm Wave: Recommended for a deeper tissue treatment to treat muscles, nerves, arthritis etc.

Combining these two wavelengths, the range of injuries and applications this unit can treat are vast, making this unit a great asset to any performance horse stable, racing stable, rehabilitation center, small and large animal veterinary practice etc.

Carrying 25 high quality diodes, these laser units are built for longevity with a tough metal casing, enclosed battery power storage, built in display unit which displays the treatment time, wave mode, power output and battery storage remaining.

The laser light treatment can be delivered in two modes on this unit, either a continuous wave or a pulsed wave and can be changed between the two by a simple click of a button, while the power output can also be adjusted to suit the condition/injury and the area that is being treated.

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