Please Note: This product is powered by a cord which is plugged into your AC power supply. It is not battery operated/wireless. (Not visible in photo)

Our Equine PEMF Shoulder Band is proving to be one of our most popular items in the PEMF range due to its diversity and ease of use.

As the image suggests, this unit is a simple but highly effective band that sits over the whither area and drapes down into the large shoulder area of the horse, treating a range of muscles that are used strenuously through majority of disciplines.

Measuring 175cm long and 20cm wide, these units are a very diverse item that can be moved and adjusted around the whole shoulder and girth area to treat a vast group of muscles. Whether you are needing to treat an injured shoulder muscle, tight lower neck, sore or tight pectoral area or the girth area and more, this unit can do it all!

The OMI PEMF Therapy Horse Shoulder Band is used for professional or home use.

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