Please Note: This product is powered by a cord which is plugged into your AC power supply. It is not battery operated/wireless. (Not visible in photo)

This PEMF therapy equine neck blanket is specifically designed for both professional and domestic use. Used for assistance for a wide variety of health and injury concerns, some of the most common uses include pain relief, better rest and recovery, stress relief, reduced inflammation and increasing blood circulation before and after exercise.

Measuring 116cm long and 74cm across the center, these neck wraps are a perfect size for most medium to large horses and can be moved up and down the neck if desired and held in place by the adjustable straps. These PEMF neck blankets are recommended for:

  • Muscle strains and soreness
  • Exercise induced pain
  • Facet joint pain
  • Increased recovery from strenuous exercise or performance
  • Daily maintenance

This PEMF mat provides a field strength between 20 and 66 microtesla depending on the frequency being used and delivers the treatment in a square wave. The OMI PEMF Therapy Horse Neck Wrap is used for professional or home use.

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