Please Note: This product is powered by a cord which is plugged into your AC power supply. It is not battery operated/wireless. (Not visible in photo)

The PEMF Equine Front Leg Wrap is specifically designed for both professional and domestic use and is a very popular product with equestrians in a vast range of disciplines from racing, eventing, showjumping, polo and many other disciplines where strenuous activity on the lower leg muscles, tendons and ligaments are of concern.

Best used prior to and post daily exercise and competition, these units are a valuable and effective way to promote increased blood flow to the lower leg before exercise which assists in preventing injury, whilst also a very effective tool for post exercise use which again increases the blood flow to the area, allowing for better recovery and healing whilst also obtaining elasticity in the tendons.

These leg wraps are also a valuable asset to any stable in assisting with injury recovery in the lower leg, particularly with tendon and ligament injuries whilst also very effective in recovery from muscle strains and tears. Due to the nature of the treatment these boots provide, it is highly recommended that you consult your veterinarian before placing these items on any freshly injured area.

Measuring almost 60cm tall these wraps are a perfect size for majority of horses and cover the greater lower leg area to just below the knee and in some cases cover the knee, whilst also being able to sit lower to cover the hoof area should you wish.

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