Please Note: This product is powered by a cord which is plugged into your AC power supply. It is not battery operated/wireless. (Not visible in photo)

Our Equine PEMF Therapy Kit is proving to be one of our most popular items in the PEMF range due to its diversity and ease of use.

As the image suggests, these units are simple but highly effective items that are designed to treat a range of muscles that are used strenuously through majority of disciplines.

The devices work in the frequency range from 1 to 99 Hz and have three different programmes, allowing you to decide which is best of the application and outcome that you desire. Programmes below:

P1 – Default programme where the frequency gradually increases from 3 Hz to 38 Hz and then drops back.

P2 – Default programme where the frequency continually and randomly changes between 1 – 99 Hz.

P3 – Customable programme which is adjustable between 1 and 99 Hz.

With this OMI Equine Therapy Kit, your horse can receive the idea therapy suited for all tissue types including muscles, ligaments and tendons to promote healthy joint function and optimize biomechanical efficiency.

All items within this 5 piece kit come with adjustable straps to ensure the items fit properly and are able to be adjusted to suit a range of different horses, from small to large.

Simple to use, with no training required, these kits are designed for professional or home use. Whether you are looking to add to your services as an equine therapist, or wanting to keep you performance or hobby horses in their best physical state possible, this kit is designed for you!

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