Canine Aqua Treadmill

Designed and manufactured locally in Australia, these canine aqua treadmills are an above ground compact treadmill designed for long term operation. Its smooth surfaces and user-friendly controls provide a safe working environment for both the operator and tour canine counterpart.

Clear wall panels surround the treadmill to provide a spacious, bright, and open environment for animal comfort and allows the operator full visual overseeing during exercise, all combined to obtain an aesthetically pleasing layout and design which presents itself seamlessly in various rehabilitation or training centre locations.

The canine aquatic treadmill utilises the natural properties of water – buoyancy, resistance, and temperature. Aquatic exercise is practiced extensively over the world with brilliant results, be it race or performance preparation and conditioning, to rehabilitation needs and general well-being, these aquatic treadmills are a compact and efficient way of combining all the positive results associated with aquatic exercise.