The Equine Craniosacral therapy course is designed for professionals who are already working in equine therapy, who wish to learn and deliver the techniques of craniosacral therapy. This course is a very informative course, covering a wide range of subjects related to equine craniosacral therapy.

To learn more about each individual course please click on the above links or please contact us directly. To purchase and enroll in this course, please click on the ‘More Info’ tab above which will direct you to the providers page to purchase as an accredited affiliate student.

This course is finalised with a certification module consisting of case studies, video assessments and a final exam. Upon success in passing the exam, you will be issues with your certification, allowing you to apply for insurance through IICT to enable you to work as a professional in equine craniosacral therapy.

This online course is available to equine health professionals (certified equine massage therapists, veterinarians, certified equine chiropractors and osteopaths and other equine bodyworkers).