Rich in Vitamins C and A, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, our Rosehip powder is a 100% organic supplement that supports joint an immune function.

Sourced carefully from some of the best Wild Briar Rose fruits (Rosa Canina L), our Rosehip is one of the purest forms of Rosehip on the market today. While being 100% organic, your animals will thrive on the proven results of our Rosehip Powder.

Rosehip has been long known as one of the best sources of natural vitamins and is commonly used throughout many equine performance stables and canine show/performance kennels alike.

Joint support for our equine or canine counterparts is essential throughout the lives of these animals to maximise their ability to move, work and perform at their best on a daily basis. Rosehip is targeted to supporting the joints of these animals whilst also supporting the immune system to ensure their optimal health is maintained.

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