It’s delicious in jams and syrups but Rosehip powder is also a very effective supplement for pets and horses. In this blog we will explore this supplement and the benefits for your furry friends.

RosehipRosehips are a fruit of the wild briar rose (Rosa canina L). The berries are grown on a scrambling rose species that is native to Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia. They have many uses including teas, pies, bread, makeup and skin care, fragrances and crafts.

Even the fine hairs inside the fruit are used for itching powder. Rosehips have also been used to treat conditions such as diabetes and bladder infections. This versatile fruit is also becoming a popular supplement for animals. Read on to find out why…

Rosehip powder is high in Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties hence why it is most known as a joint and bone supplement. It is commonly used to treat arthritis, joint pain and inflammation, especially back and hip problems.

The supplement is also rich in fatty acids such as Gadoleic, Omega-6, Omega-3 and Palmitoleic. These fatty acids help with shiny, healthy coats and assist in reducing itchy dry skin.

Benefits of Rosehip for Pets and Horses

Antioxidants assist the immune system by fighting free radicals. Free radicals are molecules naturally created in the body during an illness. They are molecules which have lost an electron and become unbalanced, attacking healthy molecules in order to regain the lost electron that’s causing a chain reaction.

Antioxidants help to reduce the number of free radicals by supplying them with electrons to re-balance the molecule. Rosehip powder is full of antioxidants, supporting immune system function.

These are just a few of the health benefits the Rosehip powder supplement can provide for your pets and horses. Please see the flowchart below for how our Rosehip powder supplement is made. It is 100% organic and has a shelf life of 2 years. For dosage info, please see our product page. Thanks for reading! :)

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